Hi there,

Just thought I’d try something new. Please be patient while I get it going. Perhaps you can tell from the title that the perspective will be Reformed and, I trust, reforming.

I do have a question that has been puzzling me, has to do with corporate worship and the attitude of the “person in the pew”. It is especially noticeable during singing and seems to be happening in regular worship services, Christian school chapel services, and sacred music concerts. There appear to be two distinct groups of people present at these events, those who are spectators and those who are participants. The spectators are somewhat aware of what is going on but aren’t really engaged and actively involved; they are more concerned with chit-chatting, grooming, or whatever than what is the real focus of the event. The participants sing with the singing, pray with the praying, actively and intellectually participate and are engaged in the focus of what’s going on.

Why is this happening? How did we get to this point in corporate worship where we come and graze, taking those things we like and ignoring the rest? What started the process that got us to this point – the root cause – and how can it be remedied?

I’m going to keep thinking on it!

By His grace,


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