Stones of Remembrance

I was reminded today of the wisdom of clear memorials and how quickly things can get lost when we blur the lines. Let me explain. I know I’m dating myself a little but when I was a kid we didn’t celebrate Presidents’ Day. We had two official holidays, Lincoln’s Birthday and Washington’s Birthday. When I asked a group of high school freshmen and sophomores the significance of February 12, 1809 all I got back was blank looks. The response was similar to February 22nd. No idea why those two dates might be important.

I’m sure that there’s more to it than just the morphing of two specific birthday remembrances into a generic holiday to provide promotional fodder for auto sales. But if there were still two entries on calendars with the names of President Lincoln and Washington highlighted it would certainly remove an excuse for forgetting. Our national security obviously doesn’t depend on high school kids remembering the significance of these two days but it highlights an important point. Remembering the past is important.

It was important enough that God instructed Joshua to set up a 12-stone memorial next to the Jordan River. He also told Joshua the precise purpose they were to serve – when future generations asked about the stones, they were to be told of God’s particular mighty act in holding back the River so the ark of the covenant could pass over on dry ground. Remembering how God has worked in the affairs of men thereby directing the course of history is something we must not forget.

Since we are forgetful people (see Judges 2:10), God has wisely instructed us to erect memorials as reminders. He has also instructed parents to teach their children and grandchildren so they won’t forget His truth. You see, it only takes a couple generations to start losing our rich heritage. Days like February 12th and February 22nd can serve as opportunities to not only remind our children and our children’s children of the important facts of our country’s history, but also show them how God is still moving in the affairs of men.

By His grace,


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