Dallying With the World

Today’s average Christian should read and heed Paul’s exhortation to the saints at Colosse, especially Chapter 2, Verse 8. If George Barna is correct in what he determined about professing Christians and their worldview, nine of ten have a worldview like the rest of the world. Read that as non-biblical; that means they use secular criteria rather than scriptural criteria for making decisions.

The Puritans had it right, at least in their pursuit of Christ. The prayer entitled “Christ Is All” from The Valley of Vision says it so well in the last couple sentences:

“Thou hast died for me,
may I live to thee,
in every moment of my time,
in every movement of my mind,
in every pulse of my heart.

May I never dally with the world
and its allurements,
but walk by thy side,
listen to thy voice,
be clothed with thy graces,
and adorned with thy righteousness.”

Oh, that such might be the sincere prayer of every professed Christian, and followed up by sincere action.

By His grace,


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