Brave New World?

Our wonderful elected officials inside the beltway have done it again. Approved measures based on hype rather than solid data and, in the process, challenged President Bush to follow through on his veto threat. I refer to the initiatives in support of stem-cell research, in particular embryonic stem cell research.

I strongly suggest for your reading pleasure Wesley J. Smith’s book, Consumer’s Guide to a Brave New World. It’s not always pleasant reading, in some places it is downright scary, but it is, I believe, a balanced view of where scientific research is headed.

That adult stem cell research is a virtual orphan when it comes to funding although successful therapies have been developed while embryonic stem cell research is where all the funds would go even though therapies developed so far have all failed is peculiar to say the least. Hmmm, makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Not if you consider the worldview of the majority of embryonic stem cell research proponents and its firmly placed roots in evolution.

Christians need to recognize that there is an agenda behind the agenda, that is, the real underlying motive for increasing funding and research in this area is so that man can help evolution along to the next phase of development. God has gifted mankind with great knowledge which is increasing daily; with that knowledge comes the responsibility to use it wisely and for His glory and not to promote efforts that are displeasing to Him.

Fund adult stem cell research for all it is worth – it works, there is no immune system reaction to deal with, and it doesn’t have all the questionable ethics questions that go with embryonic stem cell research.

By His grace,


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