The Gospel

Acts 28:16 – 28:31

A. Its order vv. 16-23

to the Jew first, always, even though he was the apostle to the Gentiles Rom_11:13; 2Ti_1:11

consider Paul’s great love for his countrymen – Rom_9:1-4

he was in chains “for the hope of Israel” v.20; the “hope of the resurrection of the dead” Act_23:6

B. Its effects vv. 24-27

paradoxically, some were persuaded, some were hardened

isa 6:9ff; see also Mat_13:14-15; Mar_4:12; Luk_8:10; Joh_12:40

The Gospel hardens the rebellious v. 9-12; cf. Isa_29:13-16

The Gospel produces life in the humble remnant v. 13; cf. Isa_29:18-19

a theme Paul himself echoes in 2Co_2:15 ff

C. Its breadth vv. 28-31

to the nations – “to the Gentiles” θνεσιν

never meant for only the Jews – see Gen_12:1-3 Psa_67:4 Psa_97:1 Isa_42:6-7 Isa_49:6

it is transcultural – involving, encompassing, or extending across two or more cultures

the same salvation for Jew and Gentile, the same Gospel message

no monkeying with the message or the method in the face of apparent failure

D. Its mover

you will receive power… Act_1:8 the power of God effectually

Rom_1:16 1Co_1:18 the power of God instrumentally

God is the motive force accompanying the proclamation of the Gospel, using it to do his bidding either to condemn or to convert

Paul’s confidence was in the message and the mover, not his own persuasive powers.

If/when God has determined that his church in a particular location is in “growth mode”, his servants will have success regardless of circumstances v. 31

E. For us?

  1. Don’t forget the Jews – there is a remnant Rom_11:5; Isa_6:13
  2. Don’t judge effectiveness by results, judge it by faithfulness

  3. Don’t be shy – preaching and teaching “with all boldness” v. 31


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