The Tabernacle – Introduction Part 2

Exo. 25:1-9 Exodus 35:4-9 Exodus 35:20-29

A. Funded by freewill offering

1. brought to the Lord

2. an offering – gift or contribution

3. given willingly

willingly with his heart Ex. 25:2

heart was stirred, spirit was willing Ex. 35:21

a willing heart Ex. 35:22

all whose hearts were willing Ex. 35:29

4. the 1st command in action – loving God with all heart, soul, mind, strength

emotions as well as intellect engaged in sacrifice

emotions and intellect verified by action

B. Both men and women

1. specifically pointed out in the text Ex. 35:22 Ex. 35:29

2. not only in providing supplies but also in providing skilled labor

3. supply list cuts across economic strata Ex. 25:3-7 Ex. 35:22-28

precious stones and metals


spun yarn for weaving

fine linen (Egyptian, from flax)

spun goats’ hair (nearly as fine as silk)


lamp oil; anointing oil


4. contra patriarchal view, women were not 2nd class

5. no one was excluded from participation because of lack of resources

C. Specific list – both color and material

1. mundane details not left to man’s innovation

2. another manifestation of God

as Designer

as Ruler

D. Clearly God’s provision

1. Slaves would not have natural access to such supplies

unnecessary for “lower working class” life in Egypt

impossible to purchase on slave wages

2. God coordinated the provision, they held title Ex. 11:1-3 Ex. 12:35-36

“every man, [in whose possession] was found” Ex. 35:23

3. “anticipates” God’s provision of traveling money for Joseph and Mary

E. Presented as a sacrifice to the Lord for his use

1. materials weren’t entrusted to a building committee

2. brought as an offering just like any other

“bring me an offering” Ex. 25:2

“this is the offering” Ex. 25:3

“an offering to the Lord” Ex. 35:5 Ex. 35:22

“the Lord’s offering” Ex. 35:21 Ex. 35:24

“a freewill offering to the Lord” Ex. 35:29

3. wholly dedicated to the Lord’s use

no further input from the people

God had exclusive oversight/regulation of the materials

no record of God’s use ever being questioned


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