Interesting Times

I wonder who was responsible for keeping certain ideas muzzled in the old Congress. With change the order of the day now in Washington, a perspective has crawled out of the dark corner toward center stage which has far-reaching consequences. The esteemed Rep. Pelosi has gone on the record with the declaration that children are bad for the economy. They cost so darn much and we have such huge money troubles especially when it comes to health care that we’d all be better off if there were fewer of them. So, …let’s not give them a chance to be born and cost us money. Sounds like blatant utilitarianism to me – if it’s useful and contributes more than it consumes, keep it and feed it; if it consumes more than it contributes, well, you know the rest of the story.

But wait, I’ve got an idea. We could do even more to help the economy if we quietly pulled the plug on bigger people than the unborn who are consuming more than their fair share of healthcare resources and money. Maybe Terry Schiavo should have died earlier; think about how much it costs to keep all those folks with AIDS alive. Look at all we spent on Christopher Reeves and his ventilator. And what about Teddy Kennedy? He’s starting to rack up more than his fair share of the dollars, too. And all those kids in Special Olympics; you know how expensive they are. Perhaps they should all have the good sense to depart the scene before we lose more money. And if they don’t do that, Congress can step in to help bail them out, permanently.

PS. Just in case you missed it, the previous paragraph is sarcasm, dripping, troweled on. But that is exactly where Rep. Pelosi’s line of reasoning leads.


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