Evils to Avoid

Proverbs 6:1-15

Many precepts are delivered in this book which appertain to matters of this life, and are needful for the leading of this life the more prosperously and comfortably, to the end we may the more freely apply ourselves to wisdom, and serve the Lord the more acceptably. Peter Muffet (an old man in 1594)

This chapter – issues of money, work ethic, attitudes and behaviors displeasing to God. The first:

Among divers of this sort, this concerning suretyship is not of the least use and profit, inasmuch as many, by rash incurring of debt, do undo themselves and their families, so that not only hereby it often cometh to pass that their minds are much distracted, but that their bodies are imprisoned, and the things which they possess are taken away. The apostle Paul, considering what a hindrance every way such running into debt must needs be to them that fear God, willeth all Christians to owe nothing to any man, as much as in them lieth, but to love one another, Rom. xiii. 8.Ibid

A. Suretyship vv. 1-5

assuming liability for the debts of others

friend – friend, neighbor, associate—close or occasional

stranger – not acquainted or related

basically any class of people at any level of intimacy/acquaintanceship

warning: you are in a trap; get out as quickly as possible and run far, far away

snared/taken – trapped, captured: your freedom has been limited or compromised v.2

don’t default, seek legitimate release without delay v.3-4

once relieved of obligation, avoid future reoccurrences v.5

picture a wild animal or bird caught in a trap or snare – when they get free……..

especially valuable in age of easy credit & encouragement to indebtedness

practical reasons behind warning

good credit risks don’t need a co-signer

being responsible requires keeping resources in reserve just in case

difficulty or default can really strain the relationship – Elaine and the Pontiac

Biblical model is to give not lend to one in need

usury/interest accompanying loan aggravates the need, increases the burden

remember farmers who borrowed to buy seed, then had a bad crop (or ROI)….repeatedly

see Prov. 11:15;17:18;22:26;Rom. 13:8

B. Laziness vv. 6-11

the opposite of wisdom

even the ant is a self-starter v.6

doesn’t need a supervisor to stay on task v.7

plans ahead v.8

works even when the need is not obvious or immediate

the sluggard deserving of rebuke v.9

directly contrary to first command – Gen. 1:28 Be fruitful

likewise contrary to God’s design for man

laziness may be appealing but………..consider “mental health” of long-term unemployed

of revealed precept/command

work six days Ex. 20:9

work, don’t steal Eph. 4:28

not willing to work, not eat 2 Thes. 3:10

not a provider, worse than an infidel 1 Tim. 5:8

and the example God set Himself

worked 6 days and rested the 7th – Gen. 2:2-3

included in commentary on 5th commandment – Ex. 20:11

since man is image-bearer, most content when he is “copying” God

practical temporal consequences v.10-11

stored up capital doesn’t last forever

when poverty does come (it’s inevitable) there are no means left to resist

no bank account

no job or prospects – non-existent resume

no credit – no income

C. Perversity vv. 12-15

as personified in the “worthless wicked man”

“Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” Matt. 10:16

don’t be taken in by the blowhard

he’s not as important/skilled/knowledgable as he claims

compare what he says to what he does – v.12 & 13

mouth goes one way, feet and hands another

he is not interested in your good

not only upside-down speech

upside-down motives and goals v.14

“sows discord” or spreads contention for own profit

he will come to sudden ruin

brief answer to question “why do the righteous suffer and wicked prosper”

God won’t overlook evil forever – there will be consequences/judgment

perhaps in this life

definitely in the next for the stubbornly rebellious who do not repent

Remember beginning paragraph – Muffet


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