2010 ARBCA GA Report

  • The theme this year is the church:

    1. A church where Christ is central and there is a passion for the glory of God in all things.

    2. A church where the Holy Spirit has made the church to be alive with joyful and serious personal godliness, fervent worship, energetic fellowship, with real life and spiritual vitality.

    3. A church where the missionary vision is strong, where men are being raised up to answer the call, and who will go to evangelize sinners, plant churches, and train men to lead those churches.

  • Music

    1. Sound clips

    2. evening service extras – Joyner family, harpists

  • Devotionals/Keynotes

    1. Psalm 103 for Mondays – National Pastor Chris Powell

      • remember and be encouraged what God has done for us –/ justification (removal of guilt), sanctification (healing from the effects of sin), resurrection (raised to new life), adoption (crowned with glory)

    2. Psalm 23 – Pastor Chris Marley, Prescott, AZ

      • restoration for the soul

        • only Christ can restore

        • in the word

        • in the body of Christ

        • in creation

    3. Discernment in dealing with deceitful hearts from Jeremiah 17:9-10 – Pastor Jeff Crippen, Tillamook, OR

      • we need caution and wisdom

      • we must realize the deceitfulness of our own hearts

      • we must look to Christ to cleanse our hearts and the Spirit to put to death indwelling sin

    4. Keynote addresses

      • Coordinator’s Challenge from Acts 2:42

        • outline of Acts: Jesus went up, the Spirit came down, the Church went out

        • be a converted church, a committed church

      • A Church with a Passion for God’s Son and God’s Glory – 1 Tim. 3:15-16 – Pastor Sam Waldron, Owensboro, KY

        • identity determines duty; the church does what it does because it is what it is

        • the glory of the local church is to be the expression of God’s temple; show a loving and well-ordered family to the world

        • the function of the church is to hold the truth (God manifest in the flesh) up to view

      • A Church Alive with the Life of God’s Spirit – Rev. 5 – Pastor Jim Adams, Mesa, AZ

        • worship of the church – Christ-centered, whole-hearted

        • doctrine of the church – international redemption

        • goal of the church – doxological, show the restoring power of the work of Christ

      • A Church Consumed with God’s Great Commission – Luke 24:44-48 – Missionary David Vaughn, Grenoble, France

        • needs an element of

          • clear vision

          • dependence

          • spirituality

          • evangelistic preaching

          • congregational contact with the world

          • worldwide outlook and orientation

          • self-denial

  • Ladies’ Tea

    1. held @ site away from host church each year

    2. nearly 80 ladies and teen-age daughters

    3. late morning snack, not luncheon this year

    4. 6 or 7 ladies gave a brief bio & told of ways God has met their needs during a hard situation

  • Theological Discussions

    1. Do position papers bind the conscience to the same degree as the Confession? Specific issue: RPW and use of instruments

    2. When is a church viable?

      • When can a new group become a church?

        • When it can carry out the words of Jesus

      • When is an existing church too small to be viable?

        • When there is no longer the preaching of the full counsel of God, proper administration of the sacraments, and exercise of church discipline

      • What does Jesus say to the churches – Rev. 2 & 3

        • not based solely on size

        • ceases to be a church when Jesus removes his presence

      • Stewardship – What is a church’s obligation to the poor? Corporate? Individual?

    3. How should the Old Testament be used in preaching, both from the OT and the NT? How do you accurately determine if, when, and how OT prophecy has been fulfilled?

  • Hosting, Food & Fellowship

    1. Lou & Sally

    2. Lunch and dinner provided by GBC Taylors, good Southern food (menu sample)

    3. friends/acquaintances from at least 12 states, also Quebec and Ontario, Canada

  • Reports

    1. Missionaries

      • National Pastor Isaac Makashinyi, Lusaka, Zambia

      • Missionary Brian Ellis, Manila, Philippines

      • Southern Cone Report – Don Donell, Sam Masters, Jorge Molina

    2. Church Planters

      • Pastor Aaron Hoak, Warsaw, IN

      • Pastor Tony Jackson, South Denver, CO

      • Pastor Don Donell, Fletcher, NC

      • Pastor John Miller, Clarksville, TN

      • National Pastor Chris Powell, Toronto, ON

    3. Member Churches & Prayer

      • written reports

      • oral reports

        • followed by prayer for specific needs

  • Books

    1. Calvary Press

    2. Solid Ground Christian Books

    3. Cumberland Valley Book Store

    4. Reformed Baptist Academic Press


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