God’s Creative Ways

For quite a while now I’ve considered different ways to get the Gospel message out into our local community. The first thing I considered was local Community Access Television. It seemed doable, equipment and training was available. We could borrow a good quality TV camera and record worship services for later broadcast. But as I looked out over the congregation I didn’t see anyone dying to run a camera week after week after week. Scratch that idea.

Then I thought about radio. Maybe that could work. I even knew a couple other pastors who recently started broadcasting a 90-second spot each day on a local commercial station. And then I talked to one of them – asked him how much time it required to prepare two alternating programs for each week. His response: about 4 hours. Ouch! An entire morning plus the several-hundred-dollar per month cost seemed to be far beyond our resources. Scratch that idea.

Or maybe not. You see, the phone rang. It was a fellow from the local community radio station offering airtime on very attractive terms. The programs could be recorded outside the studio on equipment they provide. Their target audience is primarily unchurched people. Their coverage area includes two metropolitan areas with 1/2 the population of the entire state. And the material for the program (at least to start) is already sitting on my hard drive, needing only minor tweaking.

One more thing – if you are interested in hearing the “podcast”, head on over to PodcastGarden and give a listen.

Pretty cool how God makes it plain what He has in mind and that He has the details under control. Our job is to do the next thing that He puts in front of us.


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