Full Disclosure, Full Commitment

Exodus 4:27-31

Following their encounter with God, seems Moses sent Zipporah and children home to Jethro (Ex. 18:2-3). That scene at the rest stop appears to be when Moses accepted God’s commission as designated leader. Having wife and sons along with him could have given him excuse if things got too dangerous. Verbal excuses and attempted negotiation with God didn’t work, Jethro didn’t provide him with alibi (can’t go cuz dad won’t let me), now no longer has wife and kids to protect. Moses fully exposed and apparently fully committed. Will be times Moses is quick to question God but for purpose of getting help, not avoiding God’s call.

Moses had reached point where he could have another conversation with God, not unlike Jonah from belly of whale. God works in similar way at other times in history, even today – God sends out his effectual call accompanied by regenerating power of Holy Spirit. First response not always to immediately embrace Christ and new way of life. Frequently call is followed by process where God patiently but firmly breaks down resistance to his will, individual makes conscious choice to willingly follow God’s plan for their life. May be out loud verbalizing, may be heart to heart conversation with God, acknowledging his Lordship in their life and their desire / commitment to him.

As promised God brought about family reunion… between Aaron and Moses. More to this than at first meets the eye, more in few moments. Conversation has particular God-directed focus and Moses behaves much differently with Aaron than Jethro. Not just an impulsive get-together, Moses and Aaron both follow through in ways God intended. And God’s gracious fulfillment of promises to Moses is evident as well as God’s intent to carry out promise made to Abraham/Isaac/Jacob.

A. family reunion v.27

God starts it

God went way above and beyond call of duty at burning bush – time after time explained to Moses how he truly was God’s choice of instrument… reassuring Moses he was the right choice

each time Moses gave reason / excuse why God was wrong – Pharaoh wouldn’t listen; Moses not equipped to be leader; didn’t know answers to their questions; people wouldn’t believe him, wouldn’t listen to him, not a good public speaker

finally God says “What about your brother Aaron the Levite? I know that he can speak very well. Moreover, he is coming to meet you, and when he sees you he will be glad in his heart.” (Ex. 4:14)

how did God know that? aside from being omniscient? – God’s plan included instructions for Aaron – Go meet your brother

notice: when God intends for his plan to move forward, makes things plain to those involved – both Moses and Aaron knew exactly what God expected their next move to be

Aaron obeys

just because God showed incredible patience with Moses no reason to take advantage, or expect from him in all circumstances

used to have saying around home when children were younger – delayed obedience is disobedience – Aaron obeyed promptly

no long drawn out questioning, no excuses, simple obedience to God’s command… and trust that God was not sending him on wild goose chase

they meet… as God promised

two truths about God on display here – his faithfulness and his providence, designed to encourage and strengthen faith of both Moses and Aaron

forty years had elapsed – would they recognize each other, how would they find one another, what kind of greeting would the other give

God had promised friendly, even joyful reunion, calming fears; God ordered their steps, eliminating need for search; God kept promise, a token of God’s commitment to keeping bigger promises

example here of what anyone can expect from God – when God calls individual to do task for Him, God supplies every need

B. full disclosure v.28

no holding back

different approach from what Moses used with God, father-in-law – didn’t tell God real reason for his reluctance, didn’t tell Jethro big reason for going to Egypt

true, Moses now knows all who sought his life are dead, but… does not know for certain what Aaron’s reaction will be to concept of older brother taking orders from younger

from what follows, appears both Moses and Aaron at this time fully committed to doing as God required, trusting him for result

all the words

not only signifies change of heart for Moses, shows wise leadership – kind of teamwork God expected of them tough enough without surprises later on

sure most of you been asked to do something, after have committed find out you didn’t have all the facts – I didn’t sign up for this! – relationship compromised

Moses made sure Aaron up to speed on whole situation, and that Aaron knew individual roles according to God’s design

important example for parents, all in leadership re: matters of principle – it needs to be this way because God says so

all the signs

Aaron needed to know details of the signs – rod as instrument God would use; clear understanding it will be God’s power at work

would be embarrassing if Aaron did as Moses, ran away from snake – would not serve God’s purpose if acted that way

signs confirmed to Aaron that Moses indeed God’s chosen man for job, just as Aaron was – confidence builder, not that either Moses or Aaron had supernatural power but that they rightly understood God’s purpose

C. follow-thru v.29-30

continued obedience

many different scenarios could have played out from here – no evidence whatever in God’s word that two brothers even considered options

went where God said, did what God said, saw results as God said – obedience to God’s word not complicated… may be difficult

is often own evasive actions complicate things, doing by ourselves w/o God’s help – God does not enable disobedience

again… all the words

God established ground rules for behavior of a prophet: read 4:15-16is exactly what God expects of all his prophets

no improvising, paraphrasing, editing – one who speaks for God must never put words in God’s mouth, a valid principle for all

don’t have liberty to speak God’s words then innovate by reinterpreting them, especially when it encourages sinful behavior

yes, God said this (fill in the blank) but what he really meant was (fill in another blank, unsupported by Bible)

and the signs

God gave signs first to Moses but were for benefit ultimately of millions – Aaron, elders, children of Israel, readers of Bible

God has provided countless signs from very beginning that bear witness to his power, his wisdom, his character, many recorded in his written Word

God did not intend his people to take a leap of faith without knowing who they were trusting – expects his followers to simply do next thing while trusting in / depending on God for all we need

children of Israel didn’t have to know all details of where they were going / how would get there – only had to know God was in driver’s seat… as he had declared and demonstrated — driving, puddle, Ruthie, windshield wiper – do the same with God

D. fulfillment v.31

people believed

what did they believe? – “But suppose they will not believe me or listen to my voice?” “take it by the tail… that they may believe that the LORD God of their fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has appeared to you.” (Ex. 4:1, 4-5)

believed that covenant God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob had appeared to Moses… in answer to their cry – Ex. 3:7-8 “I have surely seen the oppression of My people who are in Egypt, and have heard their cry because of their taskmasters, for I know their sorrows.So I have come down to deliver them…”

very simply, they saw Moses and Aaron as God’s answer to their prayer and his promise to deliver them from slavery

people worshiped

responded as all God’s children should when he answers their prayer – “they bowed their heads and worshiped”

at that moment in time, they had faith that God would keep his promise – was a fragile faith… easily derailed by hardship/persecution

people of God in every age prone to same kind of response – when God acts in big way we have big faith, not so much when we don’t see him as readily or things don’t go as we expect

people encouraged

hard for us to really relate to children of Israel – have not ever experienced that kind of harsh treatment, systematic effort by gov’t to carry out ethnic cleansing

still, can understand how spirits were lifted – yes God has heard; yes God has plan; yes God is moving plan forward; yes God did choose and equip Moses and Aaron

as promised

since we know the back story, yes God did keep promises to Moses… in spite of Moses’ reluctance to obey

Hebrew children did worship true God… in Egypt, even though not delivered from slavery – yet God intended far more for them

God intends his followers, OT and NT, will be delivered from slavery in sin and unbelief, freed to worship him in spirit and truth

So how about you – what has God called you to do? And how have you answered him? Resistance to his leading? Or full commitment to follow one step at a time in dependent faith?


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