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Kubuntu, Wine 1.5 and Font Rendering

If you experienced a regression in font rendering when you upgraded from Wine 1.4 to 1.5, the issue could be related to Kubuntu and not Wine.

When starting some applications from the command line, I started getting this message:

  • Fontconfig warning: “/etc/fonts/conf.d/50-user.conf”, line 9: reading configurations from ~/.fonts.conf is deprecated.

Somewhere along the line things changed for Kubuntu, where it looks for font information regarding anti-aliasing and hinting and sub-pixel rendering. It apparently affects how Wine 1.5 does its thing, too, ’cause when I was getting that warning fonts in Wine were way ugly and nearly unreadable.

Here’s the fix for both issues:

  • To get rid of the warning move ~/.fonts.conf to ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf
  • You may need to create the fontconfig folder first, then move the file into it.

Once I did that, font rendering in Wine 1.5 has the same appearance as 1.4.

BibleWorks 7 Help Files and Ubuntu

I think I stumbled on something quite by accident. The help files started working in BibleWorks 7 in Wine. I believe it’s related to a fix I came up with for another application. I managed to get Web2HH working by copying 2 “real” dll files to the system32 folder. They are itircl.dll and itss.dll. They are both included in Wine overrides as (native, builtin) under Default Settings. Maybe the key to fixing a long-standing problem?